Test Cricket Extravaganza in 2024: A Breakdown of Matches for Each Team

The cricketing calendar for 2024 is set to be a thrilling ride, especially for Test cricket enthusiasts. With a staggering number of matches lined up, here’s a comprehensive look at the Test match schedule for each team:

  • England: 17 Tests
  • India: 15 Tests
  • Bangladesh: 14 Tests
  • New Zealand: 13 Tests
  • South Africa: 10 Tests
  • Sri Lanka: 10 Tests
  • Australia: 9 Tests
  • Pakistan: 9 Tests
  • West Indies: 9 Tests
  • Afghanistan: 6 Tests
  • Ireland: 4 Tests
  • Zimbabwe: 4 Tests

A cricketing feast awaits in 2024, promising fans a year brimming with excitement and competitive spirit. Get ready for an action-packed season of Test cricket!

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