Watch: UK PM Rishi Sunak’s Viral Cricket Showdown with James Anderson

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently surprised cricket fans by joining the England cricket team for a net session, showcasing his passion for the sport. In a video shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Mr. Sunak could be seen engaging with legendary England pacer James Anderson, as he displayed his batting skills with confidence.

The Prime Minister, known for his love of cricket, appeared enthusiastic as he faced Anderson’s deliveries, even jokingly requesting the bowler to take it easy on him. Despite Anderson’s formidable reputation, Sunak showcased impressive technique, garnering admiration from onlookers, including young academy players.

Having a great time during the training session, Mr. Sunak jokingly commented, “Seems like I’ll be sticking around here for the rest of the day. Just tell the office I’ll be back later,” while engaging with attendees, capturing moments in photographs, and graciously signing autographs.

Posting the video on X, Mr. Sunak teased the England cricket team, asking if he was “ready for the call-up,” to which they responded with playful encouragement, suggesting a few more net sessions before considering him for selection.

This engagement with cricket comes shortly after the UK Prime Minister announced a £35 million initiative aimed at constructing 16 all-weather domes in cities hosting T20 World Cup matches in 2026 and 2030. Sunak emphasized that these domes would facilitate year-round cricket participation at the grassroots level, underscoring his commitment to promoting the sport among young people.

“I love cricket, that’s no secret. I’m delighted that today we can help even more young people get involved in the game. We’re investing £35 million in grassroots cricket to help over 900,000 young people into playing cricket,” he announced on X, on Friday, reaffirming his dedication to fostering cricket at the grassroots level.

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