Viral Video: SunRisers Fans’ Aarti Ritual for Captain Pat Cummins

SunRisers Fans’ Aarti Ritual for Captain Pat Cummins: Australia’s cricketing sensation Pat Cummins has seamlessly woven himself into the fabric of the SunRisers Hyderabad franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), captivating fans with his exceptional leadership and on-field prowess. The World Cup-winning captain’s journey with SunRisers has been nothing short of enchanting, as he took the reins from Aiden Markram to lead the former champions.

In a heartening display of affection, Hyderabad fans demonstrated their adoration for the Australian all-rounder in a viral video circulating across social media platforms. The footage captured a devotee performing ‘aarti’, a traditional Hindu ritual of reverence, while the television broadcast displayed visuals of Pat Cummins during the toss in SunRisers’ away game against Punjab Kings (PBKS) in Mullanpur on Tuesday, April 9.

Adding to the fervor, the backdrop of the clip featured the title song from SS Rajamouli’s Telugu blockbuster “Baahubali,” amplifying the sentiment of admiration towards Cummins. The caption accompanying the video read, “Captain Sir, We Love You, Anna,” encapsulating the deep-seated affection of SRH supporters for their new skipper.

Tuesday’s match against PBKS further solidified Cummins’ bond with the SunRisers faithful, as he led the team to a thrilling 2-run victory in a nail-biting last-over encounter in Mullanpur. His decisive contributions on the field, coupled with his amiable demeanor off it, have endeared him to fans and teammates alike, cementing his position as a beloved figure within the SunRisers fraternity.

As the IPL season unfolds, the synergy between Pat Cummins and SunRisers Hyderabad continues to flourish, promising more memorable moments and enduring connections between the Australian stalwart and his newfound admirers in India.

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