Watch: Virat Kohli Seen Training in Gym Ahead of USA Match

Virat Kohli, often touted as the most popular cricketer globally, continues to command immense attention from fans worldwide, with his fanbase growing by the day.

With the premier Indian batter currently in New York, excitement levels have reached a fever pitch. Recently, Kohli was spotted inside a gym in the USA, igniting a massive buzz among cricket enthusiasts. In the circulating clip, it appears Kohli has completed his workout session and is preparing to depart. Interestingly, he encounters Kuldeep Yadav, who makes his way into the gym.

Despite Kohli’s stellar reputation, he has faced a slight dip in form, failing to make significant contributions in the first two games. Consequently, there are speculations regarding his potential position change to No. 3 in the upcoming match against hosts USA. Whether this adjustment materializes or not remains uncertain, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the outcome.

As cricket aficionados await Kohli’s next move, his presence in New York continues to captivate attention, showcasing his global appeal and influence beyond the cricket field. Whether on or off the pitch, Kohli’s impact resonates profoundly, reinforcing his status as cricket’s unrivaled icon.

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