Watch: Bangladesh’s Khaled Ahmed’s Mankad Attempt Goes Awry

In a dramatic turn of events during the ongoing first Test between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Bangladeshi bowler Khaled Ahmed attempted a Mankad dismissal on Sri Lankan all-rounder Kamindu Mendis, only to miss his mark. The incident unfolded during the second innings of the match on Sunday, March 24, leaving fans and experts alike buzzing with debate.

The pivotal moment occurred on the penultimate delivery of the 63rd over of the Sri Lankan innings, with skipper Dhananjaya de Silva stationed at the striker’s end to face the 31-year-old Ahmed. As the tension mounted, Ahmed made his move, seeking to execute the controversial Mankad dismissal, but the outcome wasn’t as expected.

A video capturing the attempted Mankad by Khaled Ahmed has since gone viral, showcasing the intense moment as Ahmed aimed to dismiss Kamindu Mendis. However, despite Ahmed’s efforts, the dismissal did not materialize as Mendis managed to avoid being run out, leaving the bowler visibly frustrated.

The incident has reignited discussions around the ethics of the Mankad dismissal, a move where the bowler runs out the non-striking batsman if they leave their crease before the ball is bowled. While some argue it’s within the rules of the game, others condemn it as unsportsmanlike conduct.

As the match progresses, all eyes will be on the players as they continue to battle it out on the field, with the failed Mankad attempt serving as a memorable moment in this closely contested Test match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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