Watch: Fans’ Hilarious Chant for Shreyas Iyer Echoes at Knights Unplugged

During the Knights Unplugged event organized annually by the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to engage with their fans ahead of the upcoming season, something remarkable unfolded this year. Fans, eager to show their support for the new captain, Shreyas Iyer, devised a special chant that caught everyone’s attention.

The chant, “10 Rupay Ki Pepsi, Iyer Bhai Sexy,” resonated throughout the event, eliciting laughter from the host, mentor Gautam Gambhir, and even the captain himself. The infectious energy of the fans prompted the host to encourage them to chant even louder, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Responding to the chants, Shreyas Iyer graciously acknowledged the support and humorously remarked, “Great moments are born with great opportunities,” further fueling the camaraderie between the team and its passionate fanbase.

The Knights Unplugged event not only serves as a platform for interaction between the team and its fans but also highlights the unique bond that exists within the KKR family. It’s moments like these that underscore the spirit of cricket and the unwavering support that fans shower upon their favorite teams and players.

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