Watch: IPL Star Rahmanullah Gurbaz’s Helmet Safety Initiative Goes Viral

In a heartwarming incident off the cricket pitch, Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) wicketkeeper-batsman Rahmanullah Gurbaz demonstrated his commitment to road safety by urging a fan to wear a helmet while riding his scooter. The encounter took place as Gurbaz encountered the fan on the road, prompting him with a simple yet crucial question, “Why are you not wearing a helmet?”

The fan, perhaps caught off guard by the unexpected encounter with the cricket star, responded, “Because it’s too hot.” However, Gurbaz didn’t miss the opportunity to emphasize the importance of safety measures, particularly the use of helmets while riding. With genuine concern, he urged the fan to prioritize safety over temporary discomfort, highlighting the critical role helmets play in preventing injuries and saving lives.

Despite the fan’s initial reason, the interaction took a positive turn as Gurbaz not only advocated for road safety but also engaged with the fan’s enthusiasm for cricket. Expressing his excitement to meet the cricketer, the fan couldn’t resist the chance to request Gurbaz to hit some impressive sixes in the upcoming matches.

This incident not only showcases Gurbaz’s awareness and responsibility as a public figure but also underscores the power of sports personalities in influencing positive behavior and promoting important social messages. By using his platform to advocate for road safety, Gurbaz sets an example for fans and followers, encouraging them to prioritize safety measures both on and off the field.

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