Watch: MS Dhoni’s Playful Exchange Delights Fans at CSK Event

Amid the intense action of the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL), several key players from the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) recently took a delightful detour to attend a social event, adding a touch of camaraderie off the pitch. Among those present were the newest addition to the squad, Rachin Ravindra, along with established names like Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, and the revered former captain, MS Dhoni.

The gathering provided a platform for some light-hearted interactions, with the spotlight falling on Rachin Ravindra, who had an eventful outing in the recent CSK versus Gujarat Titans (GT) encounter. Despite a notable drop catch in that game, Ravindra bounced back admirably, showcasing his skills with three successful catches. His performance on the field mirrored his versatility, with the young opener making his presence felt across the ground.

During the event, the host playfully revisited Rachin’s dropped catch, prompting a jovial exchange between the players. When asked if he glanced at MS Dhoni after the miss and received any advice, the ever-astute Dhoni quipped, “There’s a new captain huh.” His witty remark elicited laughter from all present, underscoring the jovial atmosphere of the gathering. Reflecting on the incident, Dhoni remarked on his composed demeanor, particularly towards players in their initial outings, emphasizing the supportive culture within the team.

Further elaborating, Dhoni praised Rachin’s energetic performance, likening his agility on the field to a dance. He marveled at Rachin’s dynamic movements, humorously suggesting that the young player seemed to be everywhere, executing a 360-degree performance.

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