Watch: Rohit Sharma Reflects on Past Glory, Video Goes Viral

Mumbai Indians (MI) star Rohit Sharma was in for a nostalgic journey as he stumbled upon a picture of himself as part of the triumphant Indian team at the T20 World Cup. In a heartwarming video shared by MI on their social media handles, Rohit Sharma could be seen reflecting on his past, seemingly amused by his younger self.

The video, which also featured Romario Shepherd, captured Rohit’s candid reaction as he laid eyes on the image. In the footage, Rohit affectionately referred to himself as “a small boy,” highlighting the stark contrast between his present self and the 20-year-old version captured in the photograph.

With a touch of humor, Rohit Sharma reminisced about his struggle to grow a beard during that period of his life. “Small boy. No beard. I was struggling to get a beard,” quipped Rohit, evoking a sense of nostalgia and amusement among fans.

The encounter with his younger self not only provided a glimpse into Rohit’s journey but also underscored the passage of time and the evolution of his persona both on and off the field. As MI gears up for their clash with Punjab Kings (PBKS) in Mullanpur, the nostalgic moment shared by Rohit Sharma serves as a poignant reminder of the milestones and memories that shape a cricketer’s illustrious career.

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