Watch: Sachin Tendulkar Delighted by Kashmiri Girl’s Cricket Skills

Kashmiri Girl’s Cricket Skills: Sachin Tendulkar’s recent visit to Kashmir, accompanied by his family, stirred significant attention as the cricket legend shared his experiences through regular social media updates, praising the state’s beauty and hospitality. One particular moment stood out during his trip when Tendulkar came across a video showcasing a young girl from Kashmir displaying impressive cricket skills.

The video featured Hurmat Irshad Bhat, a budding cricketer from the region, showcasing her talent with remarkable cricket shots. Captivated by her prowess, Tendulkar took to ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) to share the video, expressing his delight at witnessing young girls embracing the sport.

“Always good to see young girls playing cricket. Watching videos like these brings a smile to my face,” wrote the Master Blaster while sharing the captivating clip.

Tendulkar’s admiration for the young girl’s cricketing abilities was further fueled by his recent interactions in Kashmir, where he immersed himself in street cricket matches with the locals and met para-cricketer Amir Hussain Lone.

The cricket icon’s appreciation for Hurmat’s skills not only underscores the growing popularity of cricket among girls but also highlights the talent and passion for the sport thriving in regions like Kashmir. Tendulkar’s visit and his endorsement of Hurmat’s cricketing talent serve as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers, particularly young girls, across the country.

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