Watch: Sachin Tendulkar’s Kashmir Gully Cricket Video Sparks Online Frenzy

Amidst the breathtaking vistas of Gulmarg, India’s cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar embarked on a journey unlike any other – his inaugural sojourn to Kashmir. Engaging in spirited gully cricket matches with locals, Tendulkar found himself amidst the picturesque surroundings, relishing every moment of the experience.

Venturing further, Tendulkar paid homage to the Aman Setu bridge, a poignant symbol marking the final frontier on the Line of Control in the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. His hour-long visit saw him deeply engaged in conversation with the soldiers stationed at the Kaman Post, adjacent to Aman Setu, a gesture that resonated deeply with those who serve on the region’s challenging frontiers.

Earlier in the day, Tendulkar’s journey took him to a local bat factory, where memories of his first Kashmir willow bat flooded back. A cherished gift from his sister, it underscored the personal connections cricket fosters and the rich heritage of the sport in Kashmir. “The 1st bat given to me was by my sister and it was a Kashmir willow bat. Tendulkar shared on social media, encapsulating the nostalgia and joy of revisiting his cricketing roots.

En route to Kashmir, Tendulkar was greeted with a heartwarming surprise from his fellow passengers. In a touching display of affection, they erupted into enthusiastic chants of “Sachin, Sachin!”.

As Sachin Tendulkar continues to weave his way through the scenic landscapes and cultural tapestry of Kashmir, his presence serves as a beacon, uniting communities through the universal language of cricket and fostering moments of genuine connection and camaraderie.

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