Watch: Trent Boult Mimics Ravindra Jadeja’s Bowling Style During RR’s Training Session

Trent Boult Mimics Ravindra Jadeja’s Bowling Style: In a recent training session for the Rajasthan Royals, pacer Trent Boult amused his teammates and fans alike by mimicking the bowling style of Chennai Super Kings’ all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. With their next match looming, the Royals players took some time to unwind and enjoy themselves, with Boult’s playful imitation stealing the spotlight.

A video shared by the team on their social media platforms captured the moment when Boult perfectly replicated Jadeja’s distinctive bowling action. The New Zealand cricketer flawlessly mimicked Jadeja’s loading technique and delivered a side-arm ball, a tactic frequently utilized by the CSK star to stifle opposing batters.

In the lighthearted post, the Royals dubbed Boult’s impersonation as “The Boult™ ⚡️ in and as,” showcasing their appreciation for his comedic timing and attention to detail. This light-hearted moment not only provided a glimpse into the camaraderie among the Royals players but also showcased Boult’s versatility and sense of humor off the field.

As the Royals gear up for their upcoming fixture, this playful interlude serves as a reminder of the importance of bonding and enjoying the lighter moments amidst the rigors of professional cricket. With Boult’s spot-on impression, the team found a moment of levity and unity, setting the tone for their continued efforts on the field.

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