Watch: Virat Kohli’s Fielding Brilliance and ‘Moye Moye’ Dance Steal the Show

In the final T20I clash between India and Afghanistan, Virat Kohli’s exuberant display of fielding prowess and a lively ‘Moye Moye’ dance took center stage as India secured a triumphant win. Despite a relatively subdued performance with the bat, Kohli showcased his mastery in the field, making crucial catches and preventing vital runs at the boundary.

Kohli’s outstanding fielding efforts earned him the coveted Best Fielder Medal for the series. Making a comeback to the T20I format after a year, he began the second T20I aggressively, scoring 29 off 16 balls and revealing a refreshed approach to his batting. However, his bold strategy backfired as he succumbed to a poor shot, departing for a golden duck in the final T20I in Bengaluru.

Undeterred by his batting setback, Kohli’s impact was felt in the field during the second innings. He played a pivotal role in dismissing Najibullah Zadran with a well-timed catch, thwarting the aggressive start the Afghan batter aimed for.

The highlight of Kohli’s performance unfolded when Karim Janat attempted a big shot. Positioned at the long-on boundary, Kohli executed a spectacular jump, managing to flick the ball back into play and preventing what seemed like an inevitable maximum. This standout moment not only showcased Kohli’s agility and commitment but also played a crucial role in India’s resurgence during the second innings.

In addition to his on-field heroics, Kohli’s infectious energy was evident as he engaged in the popular ‘Moye Moye’ dance move before the second Super-Over, adding a touch of celebration to India’s well-deserved victory.

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