RR’s Yuzi Playfully Takes the Captain’s Seat in Hilarious Video

Yuzi Playfully Takes the Captain’s Seat: Rajasthan Royals’ spinner Yuzvendra Chahal (Yuzi) recently took to social media to share a rib-tickling video that has left fans in splits. The video showcases Chahal in the cockpit of an airplane, jokingly pretending to be the captain.

In the amusing clip captioned, “This is your captain singing,” Chahal humorously animates himself seated in the pilot’s seat, much to the amusement of his teammates and fans alike. The lighthearted moment comes as the Royals’ squad travels to Kolkata to take on KKR in their upcoming match.

Chahal’s fun-loving attitude and ability to make cricket fans laugh have made him a favorite both during matches and in his off-field antics. As the Royals prepare for their next game, Chahal’s playful behavior is a nice reminder of the team’s good spirits and friendship.

The video has quickly gone viral, garnering a flurry of reactions from fans across social media platforms. With Chahal’s infectious energy and humorous spirit, it’s evident that he knows how to keep the team’s morale high, both in the skies and on the cricket pitch.

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