Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge Share Joyful Gudi Padwa Celebrations

In the spirit of Gudi Padwa, the celebrated Indian festival that marks the traditional new year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus, legendary Indian pacer Zaheer Khan and his wife, actress-entrepreneur Sagarika Ghatge, took to Instagram to share the joy and festivity of the occasion with their followers. The couple posted several heartwarming photographs of their celebration, giving fans a peek into the intimate and joyous moments spent together.

Zaheer was spotted embracing the festivities in a traditional kurta, looking dapper as ever, while Sagarika chose to dazzle in a peach-colored, glittering saree. The pictures captured them smiling and posing together, embodying the festive spirit of Gudi Padwa. Accompanying the beautiful snapshots was a caption from Sagarika that read, “Happy Gudi Padwa from us to you,” spreading warmth and festive greetings to their audience.

The celebration seemed to hold a special place in the couple’s hearts, as Zaheer reflected on the significance of celebrating the festival together after many years. “I don’t know this is happening after how many years, but it’s special. There’s excitement to celebrate these festivals together,” he shared, highlighting the joy and importance of marking such occasions with loved ones.

Zaheer Khan wasn’t the only cricket icon to embrace the festival; Sachin Tendulkar also shared glimpses of his family’s Gudi Padwa celebrations. Sachin posted a video showing the traditional rituals performed around a holy flag, beautifully surrounded by a rangoli, a testament to the vibrant cultural practices that define this festival. His post conveyed the special joy of celebrating Gudi Padwa traditionally, surrounded by family and loved ones, encapsulating the essence of togetherness and cultural heritage.

These posts from celebrated figures like Zaheer Khan and Sachin Tendulkar not only offer a glimpse into the personal lives of these stars but also serve as a reminder of the rich cultural traditions that are cherished and continue to thrive in India. Their messages of joy, togetherness, and celebration resonate well beyond the boundaries of their immediate community, spreading positivity and cultural pride across their vast fan base.

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