Don’t Miss: Ashwin’s Amusing Chat with Janhvi Kapoor ‘Parody’ Goes Viral

Following his remarkable performances in the India vs England Test series, Ravichandran Ashwin finds himself gearing up to exhibit his wizardry in the IPL arena. As he notched his 100th Test appearance and clinched his 500th wicket in the format, becoming the second Indian to achieve this milestone, anticipation for his performance in the Indian Premier League soared. Representing the Rajasthan Royals this season, Ashwin, along with Yuzvendra Chahal, forms a formidable spin duo, poised to leave a mark on the tournament.

However, before diving into the intensity of IPL action, Ashwin found himself engaged in a lighthearted exchange on Twitter with the parody account of actress Janhvi Kapoor. It all began when Ashwin responded to a post by his cricketing comrade Ravindra Jadeja, expressing his amusement at Jadeja’s Tamil message. Seizing the opportunity, the “Janhvi Kapoor(Parody)” account chimed in with a playful comment, garnering Ashwin’s attention.

In a delightful exchange, Ashwin playfully acknowledged the parody account, initiating a humorous back-and-forth. As one user pointed out the nature of the account, Ashwin maintained his good spirits, expressing faux disappointment at the revelation. Embracing the essence of the parody account, Ashwin encouraged interaction, highlighting the joy derived from engaging with it as if it were real.

This light-hearted banter not only showcases Ashwin’s jovial personality but also provides fans with a glimpse of his off-field camaraderie and his ability to seamlessly transition from the intensity of cricket to moments of levity. As the IPL season approaches, fans eagerly await Ashwin’s performance on the field, hoping to witness the same magic that propelled him to success in the Test arena.

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