Delhi Capitals Pay Tribute to Late Sidearm Specialist Eswara, Meet Family in Visakhapatnam

The Delhi Capitals have honored their late sidearm specialist, Eswara, with a heartfelt tribute, as the team, led by head coach Ricky Ponting and captain Rishabh Pant, met his family members in Visakhapatnam.

Eswara, a sidearm specialist for the Capitals, tragically passed away last year, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and expertise within the team.

In a poignant gesture, the Delhi Capitals uploaded a video documenting their meeting with Eswara’s family onto their official Twitter handle, showcasing the bond shared between the team and their beloved colleague.

The emotional gathering in Visakhapatnam served as a fitting tribute to Eswara’s contributions to the team, highlighting his profound impact on his colleagues and the wider cricketing community.

As the Delhi Capitals continue their journey in the Indian Premier League and beyond, Eswara’s memory remains a cherished part of their collective spirit, inspiring them to strive for excellence in his honor.

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