Go well, boys: Rohit Sharma cheers for the U19 India team’s World Cup final

India and Australia are set to battle it out in the U19 World Cup final today, with both teams eyeing an addition to their trophy cabinets. If India clinches the victory, it will mark a historic sixth title for them, solidifying their stature as a dominant force in junior Men’s cricket. Conversely, for Australia, it will represent another significant triumph in the ICC arena following their recent successes in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

The stage is set at Benoni, a venue that has provided a balanced contest between bat and ball throughout the tournament. The matches at Benoni have been characterized by nail-biting encounters, with five thrilling contests already witnessed. Expectations are high for another intense showdown in the final.

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma has taken to Twitter to rally support for his team, cheering, “Go well, boys!” His words echo the sentiments of millions of fans worldwide as both nations anticipate an enthralling clash for U19 supremacy.

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