Jos No More: England’s Cricket Star Rebrands as Josh After Years of Misnaming

In a surprising move that caught the attention of cricket fans worldwide, England’s white-ball captain Jos Buttler has officially changed his name to “Josh Buttler.” The announcement, made by the England Cricket Board (ECB), took a unique and humorous approach, as revealed in a video released by the board.

The video begins with Buttler addressing the camera, expressing his frustration over years of enduring the mispronunciation and misspelling of his name. “Hi there. I’m England white-ball captain Jos Buttler. But for my entire life, I’ve been called the wrong name,” he states, with a mix of amusement and exasperation evident in his tone.

Buttler goes on to share anecdotes illustrating the extent of the confusion surrounding his name, recounting instances where even his mother has gotten it wrong. “From people on the street to my mum and in my birthday card. Dear Josh, you’re getting old. Happy birthday. Lots of Love, Mum,” he humorously recalls.

The cricketer further reveals a particularly glaring error, disclosing that his name was misspelled on his MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) medal. “Even my MBE was wrong,” he laments.

After 13 years of dedicated service to his nation and clinching two World Cup triumphs, Buttler asserts that the time has come to tackle the long-standing predicament head-on. “Following 13 years of representing my country and securing two World Cup victories, it’s high time we address this enduring issue. To put it to rest once and for all, I hereby declare myself officially as Josh Buttler,” he proclaims, a palpable sense of relief resonating in his words.

The video concludes with a humorous exchange between Buttler and the producer, highlighting the enduring nature of the mispronunciation. Despite the official announcement, the producer still addresses Buttler as “Jos,” prompting a playful display of frustration from the newly rebranded cricketer.

“Alright everyone, let’s wrap it up. Thanks, Jos!” remarks the producer, unintentionally prolonging the continued misidentification.

With this light-hearted yet significant change, Josh Buttler embarks on the next chapter of his illustrious cricketing career, hoping to put the era of name confusion firmly behind him.

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