Don’t Miss: Kartik Aaryan Teaches ‘Chandu nahi Champion hai mai’ to Harry Kane

Amidst preparations for his upcoming film Chandu Champion, Bollywood heartthrob Kartik Aaryan takes his promotional efforts to new heights, as he spreads the word not just through conventional means but also through unexpected encounters. Currently stationed in Germany, Aaryan seized the opportunity to visit FC Bayern Munich’s home ground, where he crossed paths with none other than football sensation Harry Kane.

In a delightful display of camaraderie and cultural exchange, Aaryan and Kane engaged in a memorable interaction captured on video. The clip, shared by Aaryan on his social media handles, showcases the actor enthusiastically teaching a Hindi dialogue from his forthcoming movie to the English football star. With Kane’s playful imitation adding to the charm, the video serves as a testament to the growing bonds between Bollywood and international sports personalities.

Aaryan’s caption accompanying the post, “Chandu nahi Champion hai hum” (We’re not just Chandu, we’re champions), encapsulates the spirit of the moment, as the actor not only promotes his film but also fosters connections across different spheres of entertainment and sports. This unexpected encounter at FC Bayern Munich underscores the power of cultural exchange and the universality of cinema in bridging diverse communities worldwide.

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