Watch: Piyush Chawla’s Son Joins Mumbai Indians for Cricket Fun

The Mumbai Indians camp received a delightful addition recently in the form of Piyush Chawla’s young son, Advik, who charmed everyone with his cricketing antics ahead of the team’s crucial clash against Punjab Kings in the IPL 2024. In a heartwarming video shared by the Mumbai Indians on social media, little Advik could be seen eagerly participating in a playful cricket session with his father and other players.

With innocence and enthusiasm, Advik urged his father to bowl “like you do in the match, ok?” before taking on the role of a budding batsman. The young prodigy showcased his skills by playing a few shots against his father and even shared some cricketing moments with fellow players Tilak Varma and Ishan Kishan.

The presence of Advik brought a sense of joy and camaraderie to the Mumbai Indians’ camp, which had been striving to regain momentum after a series of setbacks. Despite a recent defeat against the Chennai Super Kings, the team’s spirits were lifted by the playful energy of Advik, reminding everyone that cricket is not just about competition but also about moments of pure joy and connection.

As the Mumbai Indians continue their journey in the IPL 2024, the memory of Advik’s endearing cricket session serves as a heartwarming reminder of the bond that unites players, fans, and their families in the realm of cricket.

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