Unexpected Guest: Play Halted as Monitor Lizard Joins Cricket Match

In an astonishing turn of events during the one-off Test match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan on February 3, Saturday, an uninvited guest took center stage as a monitor lizard made an unexpected appearance at the Sinhalese Sports Club in Colombo.

The Bizarre Interruption

The peculiar incident occurred in the 47th over, bringing the game to a brief halt when the monitor lizard crawled across the boundary line and onto the field. As Nijat Masood bowled to veteran Angelo Mathews, the lizard’s impromptu entrance left players and umpires alike startled, prompting a temporary suspension of play.

Startled Players and Umpires

During the 47th over, as the fielders along the boundary rope noticed the lizard’s presence, a palpable break in concentration ensued. The unusual sight disrupted the flow of the game, creating a momentary pause in the match proceedings.

Swift Removal and Game Resumption

Efforts were quickly made to remove the unexpected visitor from the field, ensuring the safety of both players and the lizard. Once the creature was successfully taken off the field, the match resumed, allowing players to refocus on the game at hand.

Not the First Time

This incident adds to a list of peculiar occurrences that have led to stoppages in cricket matches. The game has witnessed various unusual interruptions over the years, highlighting the unpredictability that can unfold on the cricket field.

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