Viral Video: Steve Smith’s Unusual Dismissal Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Steve Smith, renowned for his batting prowess, has been enduring a challenging phase in his new role as an opener for Australia in Test cricket. His struggles were accentuated during the ongoing New Zealand vs Australia 2nd Test at Christchurch’s Hagley Oval on March 8 (Friday).

In a moment that left cricket enthusiasts bewildered Smith faced a setback when he misjudged a delivery from debutant Ben Sears, resulting in an LBW decision by umpire Nitin Menon.

The dismissal was particularly unusual as Smith, known for his astute reading of the game, misread the delivery. The ball, a well-directed wobbled-seam delivery on the off-stump line at 140.7 Km/h, prompted Smith’s customary shuffle outside the off-stump in an attempt to leave it.

However, the ball sharply swung back in after pitching, catching Smith on the inner half of the back foot. The umpire promptly raised his finger without hesitation. Despite the shock, Smith decided to review the decision after consulting with his batting partner, Usman Khawaja. However, the review upheld the on-field call as the impact, though outside the off-stump, was deemed inconsequential since Smith hadn’t offered a shot.

The ball-tracking revealed that it would just clip the off-stump, sealing Smith’s fate and compelling him to depart from the crease with evident reluctance.

Smith’s uncharacteristic dismissal adds to the scrutiny surrounding his performance as an opener, marking another hurdle in his quest to adapt to the new role. As the cricketing world observes, Smith’s journey in this position remains a storyline worth following closely.

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