Watch: Virat Kohli’s Hilarious Response to Fans Chanting ‘Kohli ko bowling do’ in IPL 2024

Fans have recently expressed their desire to see Royal Challengers Bengaluru’s (RCB) star player Virat Kohli take up bowling in the ongoing IPL 2024. Chants of “Kohli ko bowling do” have echoed through the stadiums during some of RCB’s matches.

Reacting humorously to these requests, Kohli stated that he would never be bowling in the IPL. He recounted how fans began the chant during RCB’s match against Mumbai Indians (MI) at Wankhede Stadium, where MI successfully chased a 197-run target in just 15.3 overs.

The ace batter joked that his confidence in batting would have plummeted had he bowled in such a high-scoring game. In an interview with Jio Cinema, Kohli amusingly addressed the fans’ requests: “Pagal ho gaye ho kya bhai? Batting ka confidence bhi khatam ho jayega” (Are you crazy, brother? Even my batting confidence will be shattered).

Despite fans’ enthusiasm, it seems Kohli is content to leave the bowling to his teammates while he focuses on leading RCB with his bat.

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